Certified Coffee Water Filter, Replacement for Brita® Water Filter Gaggia®, Philips®, CA6702/00, Intenza® Coffee Filter  

    • Reasonable price: With a reasonable price, Hee Yoo Purification water filter gets the same performance as the original brand product without compromising quality. Normally, it can deliver crisp water to you for up to two months, which will vary based on water conditions.
    • Replacement models: All Saeco and Philips Saeco machines, except Saeco Vienna. Interchangeable with Intenza Water Filter Gaggia Accademia/ Brera/ Unica/ Platinum/ Naviglio/ Mavea Intenza/ 1001711, Phillips Saeco Lavazza a Modo/ Exprelia/ Saeco Nina/ Saeco Odea/ Saeco Primea/ Poemia Manua/ CA70/48/ CA70/00/ CA6702/00/ CA6706/48/ Royal Old and 011 Saeco Synthia/ Saeco Talea/ Saeco XSmall/ Saeco Xelsis/ Spidem. Hee Yoo Purification is an independent brand. This filter is not an original product.

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Brewing Coffee Like a Barista

Coffee contains 98% water. Pure filtered water helps to transfer true coffee flavor to your taste buds and makes coffee taste exactly like it was meant to.

Hee Yoo Purification Replacement Coffee Water Filter Replacement for the Following Model Brita intenza water filter gaggia Bosch Benvenuto Gaggia: Accademia / Brera / Unica / Platinum / Naviglio / Mavea Intenza / 1001711 Phillips Saeco: Saeco Lavazza a Modo / Exprelia / Incanto / Saeco Nina / Saeco Odea / Saeco Primea / Poemia Manua / CA70/48 / CA70/00 / CA6702/00/ CA6706/48/ Royal Old and 011 Saeco Synthia / Saeco Talea / Saeco XSmall / Saeco Xelsis / Spidem My Coffee

  • High-grade filtration media reduces chlorine to improve coffee flavor
  • Exquisite design promises leak-free fit
  • Reasonable and integrate structure ensures high-quality performance
  • Change your filter every 2 months, which will vary depending on water conditions
Comprehensive Filtration
Some brands' filters have three settings, when set to A or B, partial water will flow into the coffee machine without filtratio, while Hee Yoo Purificationwater filter always carries out stable and comprehensive filtration as the C-grade, comprehensively and effectively reduce chlorine, calcium and other harmful substances, Every drop of water is ensured to be filtered. (The data comes from a third-party lab)

Scientific Proportion
Hee Yoo Purification coffee water filter adopts coconut shell activated carbon and resin in scientific proportion, effectively reduce chlorine, taste and odor , and other harmful substances in the water, while keeping proper water hardness to provide you with an excellent coffee taste. (The data comes from a third-party lab)

Good Match
This coffee water filter is delicately designed to fit the original brand well. It is easy for installation and operation, requiring no tools to save your time.

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