Hee Yoo Purification NSF53 Refrigerator Water Filter Compatible with Samsung DA2900020B,DA2900020A  

    • 【Efficient Filtration Capacity】Hee Yoo refrigerator water filter replacement reduces many substances from the water including 99% of chlorine, taste, THM, VOCs, particles and all other major impurities, significantly improving the taste of drinking water to provide pure-tasting water, while retaining minerals beneficial to the human body.
    • 【Premium Materials】BPA-free and food-grade materials. This filter is made from advanced coconut shell carbon and is certified by authoritative organizations for Material. The outer layer is 0.5 micron, ensuring better filtration. The carbon blocks have been independently tested by a third-party laboratory to remove heavy metals, large sediments, and all other dangerous impurities.
    • 【OEM & ODM】OEM and ODM order are accepted, any kind of logo printing or design are available.

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DA29-00020A, DA29-00020B, DA2900020A, DA2900019A, DA29-00019A, DA-97-08006A, DA-97-08006A-B, DA-97-08006B, DA97-08006A-B, HAF-CIN, HAF-CIN-EXP, HAF-CINEXP, HAFCIN


46-9101, 469101, 9101, 04609101000, 09101


  • Operating Specification:
  • Application Guidelines / Water Supply Parameters
  • Flow Rate------ 0.5 gpm / 1.9lpm (gallons per minute)
  • Min. operating temperature------ 1°C / 34°F
  • Max. operating temperature------ 38°C / 100°F
  • Min. Operating Pressure------30 psi / 207 kPa
  • Max. Operating Pressure------120 psi / 827 kPa
  • Life------300 gallons / 1135 liters
Product description
DA29-00020B, DA29-00020A, DA-97-08006A, HAF-CIN, HAF-CIN-EXP, HAF-CINEXP, HAFCIN, 46-9101, RF28HMEDBSR, RF4287HARS, 46-9101,469101,9101,4609101000

Perfect Fit
Using a new industrial precision automated production process, after 1000+ rounds of accurate measurement and testing, to ensure 100% matching of every filter, eliminating the worry of installation difficulties.

High-Quality Filter Material
The NSF-certified top coconut shell activated carbon filter can filter out most of the harmful substances in the water, especially the removal of harmful compounds is very significant. Filtered water is cleaner and healthier, and tastes very good.

No Leak
NSF/ANSI 372 Certified by IAPMO,100% Lead-free materials, BPA-free, and food-grade material. The production process is rigorous, and the filter has a strong sealing performance and will not leak with long service life.

Make sure to use the CORRECT FACE PLATE

Refrigerator Water Filter Models:
GLACIER FRESH GF-841, Crystala CF-17, Waterdrop WD-DA97-17376B, AQUACREST AQF-DA97-17376B, Water specialist WS645A, FilterLogic FL-RF45, GENUINE OEM HAF-QINS, MIST CWMF023, DA97-08007C, AQ-DA97-17376B, PP-RWF4200A

Refrigerator Models:
BRF365200AP, BRF425200AP, RF22R7351SG, RF22R7351SR, RF23M8070SG, RF23M8070SG/AA, RF23M8070SR, RF23M8070SR/AA, RF23M8090SG, RF23M8090SG/AA, RF23M8090SR, RF23M8090SR/AA, RF23M85, RF23M8570SG, RF23M8570SG/AA, RF23M8570SR, RF23M8590SG, RF23M8590SR, RF23M8960MT, RF23M8960S4, RF24R7201SG, RF28R6201SR/AA, RF28R7201SG, RF28R7201SR, RF28R7351SG, RF28R7351SR/AA, RF30KMEDBSR/AA

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