Function of filter element of domestic water purifier

Source:Hee Yoo Purification Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2023-02-20 10:55:59 Author:1619

The main part of the water purifier is the filter element. Only if the filter element is good can the domestic water purifier filter the water quality and purify clean and safe pure water. Now the water purifier market is developing well, and there are many kinds of filter elements on the market. Today, we will understand the unique role of each filter element.

The main function of activated carbon is to absorb all the residual chlorine and odors in the water. The adsorption capacity is very strong and the mechanical strength is also high. Some people think that activated carbon is outdated, which is actually wrong. The timeliness of activated carbon is very long, and it will not be eliminated generally, and its density is uniform, and its service life is long; Do not release carbon powder; However, after a period of use, the filter element needs to be replaced regularly because the residual impurities after filtration will accumulate more and more on the filter element.

The ceramic filter element is made by adding some materials to the ceramic raw soil under the action of high temperature. Its main components are diatomite and multifunctional materials, adhesion reagent and soda ash, etc. Ceramic filter element is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali. It can filter out Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and mold in the water, and can be used continuously only by simple mechanical cleaning, which can effectively prevent secondary pollution and avoid deep pollution and gap blockage of the membrane.

In fact, each filter element has its function and purpose. There is no difference between good and bad. When we choose the filter element of domestic water purifier, we need to adjust it according to our actual water purification situation, so as to maximize the role of the filter element and achieve the best water purification effect.

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