What is the function of swimming pool filter element?

Source:Hee Yoo Purification Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2023-02-20 10:43:41 Author:1707

The swimming pool filter element has good mechanical properties, sunlight resistance and high temperature resistance. The strength is not affected in strong acid. Whether there is room swimming pool filtration equipment or no room swimming pool filtration equipment, physical filtration is used (the filtration media are basically the following three kinds: quartz sand, filter membrane bag, and polyester filter element.

The filtering accuracy is different with different filter materials. More than 80% of the products of the inorganic room integrated swimming pool equipment use filtration membrane bags, and the filtration accuracy is far higher than that of the quartz sand filter with the machine room swimming pool filtration equipment. The filtration accuracy of different filter media is as follows: polyester filter bag/PP filter bag (filtration accuracy 5-15 μ m) without machine room equipment; quartz sand filter (filtration accuracy 40-100 μ m) with machine room; the pipes in the machine room are generally exposed, and should be easy to install, operate, and strive to shorten the pipeline to reduce water flow resistance. For the pipeline laid along the ground, the crossing ladder shall be set at the pedestrian passage when it is impossible to cross. The overhead pipeline shall be arranged in order, and shall not be arranged on the motor and electrical equipment, and its height from the ground shall not affect the access of staff and the operation of equipment. The height of manually opened valves in the equipment room shall be convenient for operation and maintenance. The instrument installation height shall be convenient for observation

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